Shop101: Helping merchants drive qualified leads at scale with Smart Platform

The Background

Shop101 is India’s leading ‘mobile-first’ social commerce company that provides a comprehensive infrastructure to merchants for selling online. Merchants can be common people wanting to resell products online or original manufacturers. Shop101 also provides advertising solutions to merchants to advertise their products on Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram. Shop101 provides the infrastructure for payments, shipping, inventory management, order processing, etc. so that merchants can have a laser-sharp focus only on selling. Launched in 2015, Shop101 now assists over 5M+ sellers to sell online.

The Challenge

Shop101 was looking for innovative solutions that can help its resellers and manufacturers generate more leads and grow their Shop101 merchant base by driving more orders.
“We were exploring new advertising channels to help them (sellers) get more leads. At 5M+ users, we needed a solution that could scale to our merchants base rapidly using automation. Also, for large-scale merchant adoption, the solution had to be easy-to-use (one-click) for the merchants.”

Manu Ganga, Digital Marketing Manager at Shop101

The Approach’s Monetization stack was deployed to enable Shop101 resellers and associated manufacturers to advertise at scale on Facebook. Using Smart algorithms based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology, merchants were now able to automatically promote their product listings on Facebook and Audience Network, driving qualified leads through Click-to-Messenger ads at affordable CPLs (Cost per Lead).

The Key Wins
(In 11 weeks)


Qualified Leads generated


Increase in generated Leads


Reduction in CPL


Stabilized Cost Per Lead


in Ad Spends (Facebook)


Merchants (resellers and manufacturers) onboard
“Every merchant wants to get more and more leads at lower costs. This means the advertising has to be razer-sharp and needs to be continuously optimized on Facebook and Audience Network to achieve an effective CPL.’s ML engine was absolutely fantastic to achieve this goal of continual optimization, automatically at scale for our merchants, producing exciting results for us.”
Manu Ganga,
Digital Marketing Manager at Shop101

What's Next?

The way forward is a wider adoption of Platform by Shop101 resellers and associated manufacturers for advertising on Facebook and Audience Network, while maintaining the costs of lead generation at affordable levels. Recently, ten manufacturers got started with the Smart Platform in a single day. The idea is to scale this number and to bring the massive base of merchants on Shop101 under the umbrella of true advertising automation powered through the Smart Platform.