Onlinesales retail media client Haravan

HaraAds: Simplifying Google and Facebook advertising for customers

The Background

In a booming Internet economy of Southeast Asia, Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing in the pack. Vietnam’s Internet economy has grown at 38% from $3 billion in 2015 to $12 billion in 2019; it is all set to reach $43 billion in 2025.Haravan, owned by the Seedcom group of companies, is at the forefront of this digital revolution in Vietnam. Haravan is a multi-channel commerce services provider, used by over 50,000 Vietnamese businesses and brands, including 300 top brands of Vietnam. In the view of Haravan’s core philosophy of ‘helping customers transform businesses and optimize multi-channel businesses’, it provides omnichannel retail sales and management solutions like online store builder and multichannel sales management, CRM tools, Google Smart Shopping, Social commerce solutions… etc.

The Challenge

Haravan has the aim of creating a wide array of helpful solutions for its users, an aim that is coherent with the core objective of Haravan to ‘make commerce better’. Haravan was looking for new, innovative solutions to add to the pack to help its customers transform their Haravan-based businesses. Haravan was exploring an easy-to-use, automated solution that could help its customers effectively market their products and services. Adding such a solution had the potential to strengthen the overall solutions pack Haravan offers to its customers.

The Approach

In April 2019, Haravan added HaraAds to its package of commerce boosting solutions, with the help of HaraAds is a self-serving, automated platform that has enabled Haravan users to effortlessly perform multi-channel advertising on Google and Facebook ad networks. HaraAds users can put in the desired advertising budget and can launch campaigns across channels in a single click; as simple as it sounds. The tedious activities involved in running ad campaigns like budgeting, audience targeting, generating creatives, keyword targeting, tracking ad performance, optimizing ad campaigns, etc are left to Machine Learning algorithms. This has allowed Haravan users to leverage the popular ad channels of Google and Facebook and drive interested buyers to their Haravan websites in minimum efforts.

The Key Wins
(In 6 months)


Increase in Ad Spends




Increase in the number of merchants on board
"Our collaboration with has been fruitful. It’s an important leap forward in providing efficient solutions to our customers that help them grow their businesses. HaraAds is the first advertising platform in Vietnam that harnesses Artificial Intelligence technology to optimize the campaigns. This is helping our customers save time and effort, while keeping the costs of advertising optimal. HaraAds has been successful in catering to the complicated and fragmented online commerce space in Vietnam. This unique and localized solution has tremendous potential for transforming businesses of Haravan customers."
Quỳnh Tạ Hương,
Head of AdTech Bussiness, Haravan

What's Next? is focussed on its objective of helping the Haravan Team increase the adoption of HaraAds across its customer base. At the same time, Team is committed to continuously optimize the campaigns to make advertising more measurable, simpler, and fully attributable to the Haravan customers.