How Marketplaces Achieved an ROI of 30

What Are Sponsored Product Ads?

Product Ads that serve within the Marketplace’s website/app.
They look exactly like organic listings, very native.
Engage your Shoppers with extremely relevant listings

The Opportunity

Marketplaces are looking to increase revenue from their owned inventory.
Sellers are looking to get more sales from the existing traffic on marketplaces.
Marketplaces are looking for a 1-click solution that can handle the Automation, Optimization and Reporting.

Enter Monetize by

Marketplaces integrated with Monetize enabled its seller base to advertise on their owned inventory in less than 90 seconds.
Bulid in a modular fashion, Monetize natively integrates with marketplaces through its self-service platform and ready to use dashboards.
Monetize handles everything from seller onboarding, campaign launches, bid-budget management, ROI focussed spends and detailed reporting.

The Solution

Sellers were able to launch Sponsored Product Ads in less than 3 clicks to targeted shoppers
All this from the natively integrated Seller Panel on the marketplace thereby giving the best experience to its sellers.
Marketplace Sellers never left the marketplace ecosystem which ensures higher longevity of sellers and an effective hook in keeping them engaged.
The solution was in the preferred language and currency of the marketplace.

The Result


Avg Seller ROI


Avg Marketplace ROI


Active Sellers

Live Marketplaces for Sponsored Ads

The Largest Marketplace in

Middle East

50+ million

Shoppers Every Month

More than 25,000

Active Sellers
A Leading Marketplace in


25+ million

Shoppers Every Month

More than 35,000

Active Sellers