Your goals are our goals’s retail media technology isn’t just about providing you the platform. We are in this with you — committed to your growth where we win only when you do. 

Unlock 10x ad dollars. Experience scale.

Unlock 10X ad revenue by making retail media tech effortless and accessible for every brand and merchant, irrespective of their shape, size and level of expertise. Activate the right number of levers, provide performance visibility and help your advertisers to reach their goals instead of getting lost in the complexities of advertising.

Smart, automated,

Fully automated campaign creation process — from ad account creation to campaign generation, ad creative generation, ROI optimizations and reporting.
AI powered automated retail media tech for  e-commerce sites

Tailor-made for every advertiser

Personalization at scale with differential UX — from 1-click simplified UX for ‘long tail’ advertisers to adding a few more levers for the ‘torso’ advertisers and an advanced UX for the ‘head’ brands and merchants to manage finer details of the campaign.
Differential retail media tech for  e-commerce sites

Integrated payments and invoicing

Leverage integrated payments, auto invoicing, escrow/marketplace credits and much more to simplify payments for your brands and merchants. Manage co-op budget with advertisers and offer incentives to gamify and increase adoption. 
Integrated payment and invoicing in retail media tech for  e-commerce sites

Expand your audience network with on and off-site advertising.
Extend your advertiser’s reach.

Unlock offline marketing dollars to your platform with off-site advertising. Your advertisers get a larger audience to retarget, remarket while driving traffic and demand back to your website.

Infinite ad space

Enable seller funded cross-channel advertising outside your marketplace — provide sellers access to creative and audiences in a controlled framework to run programmatic ads. With just 1-click your brands and merchants then run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. driving traffic and demand back to your marketplace.
Infinite ad space in retail media for  e-commerce sites


Reach more customers by enabling brands and merchants leverage remarketing and lookalike campaigns on off-site channels to reach old and new customers via merchant-supported collaborative ads. 
Targeting for ads in retail media for  e-commerce sites

No more intermediaries.
Prevent at least 80% revenue leakage. 

Achieve significantly higher yield and CPM by making your retail media platform leak proof. 
Your customer data, your ad space. Eliminate intermediaries and build your own walled garden fueled by your rich first party data. With OnlineSales advertising platform, you can now directly provide the technology to your brands and merchants to advertise on your platform, without the help of any third party network.
Walled garden platform retail media tech for  e-commerce sites
Ads ranked and served based on over 50 signals — from user context to popularity, lat-long, availability, etc. to enable your brands and merchants to drive maximum ROI.
Machine learning led retail media tech for  e-commerce sites

Unleash accelerated platform adoption at scale.

Engage them. Elevate them. Appreciate them. Celebrate them. That’s how we convert your brands and merchants into avid advertisers on and off your marketplace.

Omnichannel personalised communication

Through the OS Accelerate Program, we deliver unique, powerful, customized messages across channels and devices at scale to your merchants and brands to drive acquisition, adoption and retention. 
Omnichannel platform adoption program for retail media tech

Customer Segmentation

Our team segments customers to curate journeys for every stage to send contextual, automated and personalized cross-channel communications triggering merchants to act and maximize platform adoption. 
Customer segmented platform adoption program for retail media tech