Product Ads

Boost sales with ML powered relevant and contextual native product ads across inventory
Enable merchants to serve product ads in related shopping results across home page, category page, product detail page, search page and checkout page. Sharply targeted at potential buyers and rendered seamlessly along organic listings, these ads are served natively to ensure engagement instead of interruptions. Personalized at the core, our AI powered ads leverages 50+ signals to rank and serve ads as per user’s implicit preferences.
Sponsored product ads on e-commerce sites
Sponsored rich ads on e-commerce sites

Rich Media Ads

Unlock high-impact interactive ad formats to drive engagement 
Create an immersive ad experience and drive shopper engagement by unlocking rich media ads for every product. Rich media ads are built with multimedia elements such as video, animation, audio along with traditional elements such as text and images. Served on product detail pages, these ads not only drive engagement but also boost shoppers’ intent to purchase through interactive product demo, leading to more sales and higher ad revenue. 

Targeted Audience Ads

Increase conversions by re-engaging relevant shoppers with AI powered real-time personalized ads 
Boost shopper salience by retargeting and remarketing to your relevant shoppers based on 50+ signals - from user context, popularity, lat-long, to product availability. Get better yield with advanced shopper segmentation and intelligent analytics. These dynamic and personalized ads are delivered at the right time in the right format to re-engage shoppers driving the best possible ROI to brands and providing a seamless experience to shoppers.
Sponsored targeted audience ads on e-commerce sites
Sponsored offsite ads on e-commerce sites

Offsite Ads

Allow brands and merchants to masterfully scale advertising on your platform across the Extended Audience Network
Widen your audience network and extend your brand and merchant’s reach with offsite ads. Bring targeted audiences back to your platform or new lookalike consumers with ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google. Your brands get a larger audience to retarget and remarket, while driving traffic to your website.

Gamified Ads

Unlock innovative ad formats to drive shopper engagement  
Enable brands to solicit shopper engagement in a whole new way with innovative ad formats such as scratch cards, surveys ads and lead ads. Gamified ads are interactive and not only ensure better engagement, stronger top of the mind awareness and increased sales for the brand but also higher yield for you.
Sponsored gamified ads on e-commerce sites
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