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Get a comprehensive analysis of your digital monetization, ad placement and revenue strategy.
Did you know most retailers effectively realize only a fraction of their ad revenue potential? This audit provides actionable insights that will help optimize your ad revenue earning potential.
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What we’ll analyze
Monetization strategy
An assessment of your current strategy and recommendations to enhance ad revenues.
Inventory placement
Analysis of existing ad inventories, and opportunities to create additional high-impact ones that fit seamlessly with your shopper experience.
Platform adoption
Assessment of your demand side framework and recommendations to increase ad spending from brands.
What to expect
Enter your email address and website, along with any additional information you’d like to share about your specific requirements or challenges.
Discover high-yield opportunities to create ad inventories.
Measurable ways to avoid inventory crowding and shopper alienation.
Steps to implement more accurate shopper targeting to facilitate higher brand sales.
Using automation to simplify brand inputs and enhance outcomes.
Page load times: Find out how your ads may be affecting page load times and impacting shopper experience.
Platform adoption recommendations: steps to improve ad spending.